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  • Bhaktisiddhanta and Parampara

    Bhaktisiddhanta and Parampara

    QUESTION:What do you know about this claim that Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur never received initiation therefore rendering his parampara a hoax? Before going further on the question I think we should first re-evaluate how we believe “parampara” works. Let’s describe two versions of it. Version 1: As a result of a dīkṣā rite correctly performed, a […]

  • About Preaching Krishna Consciousness

    About Preaching Krishna Consciousness

    QUESTION: In your live-stream, you mentioned how “preaching” is never successful because it is “offensive” (aparadha)… Obviously there is a way to spread Krishna Consciousness, otherwise it wouldn’t be around and we wouldn’t know about it. The way to spread it is not by “preaching” but by “Krishna Katha” (having discussion about Krishna with people […]