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  • Spiritualists Don’t Want to Marry

    Spiritualists Don’t Want to Marry

    Question A spiritually inspired person may be “scared” of marriage, because it brings more threads of relationships and responsibilities that tie one into this existence. Is this good? My Reply Ask yourself “what am I scared of?” Most likely, if you are honest, you will realize that you are scared of accepting responsibility. That is […]

  • Bharata & the Deer

    Bharata & the Deer

    “How could loving the deer too much possibly be the mistake which lead to Bharata’s rebirth in the body of an animal?” First, we have to stop calling Bharata’s action a “mistake.” Śuka never describes it as a mistake, he praises Bharata. The only slightly critical word Śuka ever uses regarding Bharata is that he […]

  • Why do we Desire External Things?

    Why do we Desire External Things?

    What Creates Desire? Let’s start by clarifying what we mean by the word “create.” Creation means to be produced from something else. Parents, for example, create children. Has everything that exists been created? If so, we have a very difficult dilemma: Children were created by parents, who were themselves children created by parents, who were […]

  • “I” as Relationship

    “I” as Relationship

    In a previous post, Enlightened Consciousness, I explained the 5th, supreme enlightenment is to realize self as a consequence of relationship. Some friends requested I write some more about this… You may feel it is shocking to say that we must define X by Y, but if you think about it for a few minutes […]

  • Prithu’s “Perfected Form”

    Prithu’s “Perfected Form”

    QUESTION: Was Prthu born as a Vishnu-Avatar, or did he become one gradually? (I ask this because the Bhagavatam said he attained his “perfected form” after doing yoga at the end of his life). A small side point: Pṛthu wasn’t “born.” He was created by sages, from genetic material taken from Vena’s arm. (see 4.15.1) […]

  • Enlightened Consciousness

    Enlightened Consciousness

    QUESTION: “I am” is inherent in consciousness. Then is “I am I” perfection/ perfect perception? Yes, it is the beginning of perfection. But consciousness whats to know “What am I?” QUESTIONER: “I am I” That is cyclic logic / circular experience. It doesn’t satisfy the query. Consciousness wants to perceive itself, it wants to know […]

  • Actual Vedic “Monarchy”

    Actual Vedic “Monarchy”

    There is a very prevalent misconception that Vedic culture favors “monarchy.” We modern people naturally assume this means kings like Henry VIII and so forth, along with their systems of government would be highly approved of by Vedic sages. This is quite inaccurate. On this topic, it is very important that we understand the story […]

  • The World is an Upside-Down Tree

    The World is an Upside-Down Tree

    Many people are familiar the the “upside-down tree” analogy in the 15th Chapter of the Gita. Recently, however, I learned this is a direct reference to Katha Upanishad (2.3.1). This is edifying to know, because we always say Vyāsa’s purpose in writing the Gita was to summarize and harmonize all the Upanishads. Here is how […]

  • Questions about Spiritual Love

    Questions about Spiritual Love

    QUESTION: If i understood it right… consciousness develops various existences to experience a superior type of bliss that is produced through the interaction and merging between the parts within itself, then…  is this not ultimately a kind self-love? Yes. QUESTION: Is the difference between conventional love and bhakti only about the scope of it (interpersonal vs […]

  • About Preaching Krishna Consciousness

    About Preaching Krishna Consciousness

    QUESTION: In your live-stream, you mentioned how “preaching” is never successful because it is “offensive” (aparadha)… Obviously there is a way to spread Krishna Consciousness, otherwise it wouldn’t be around and we wouldn’t know about it. The way to spread it is not by “preaching” but by “Krishna Katha” (having discussion about Krishna with people […]