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  • The World is an Upside-Down Tree

    The World is an Upside-Down Tree

    Many people are familiar the the “upside-down tree” analogy in the 15th Chapter of the Gita. Recently, however, I learned this is a direct reference to Katha Upanishad (2.3.1). This is edifying to know, because we always say Vyāsa’s purpose in writing the Gita was to summarize and harmonize all the Upanishads. Here is how […]

  • Questions about Spiritual Love

    Questions about Spiritual Love

    QUESTION: If i understood it right… consciousness develops various existences to experience a superior type of bliss that is produced through the interaction and merging between the parts within itself, then…  is this not ultimately a kind self-love? Yes. QUESTION: Is the difference between conventional love and bhakti only about the scope of it (interpersonal vs […]

  • About Preaching Krishna Consciousness

    About Preaching Krishna Consciousness

    QUESTION: In your live-stream, you mentioned how “preaching” is never successful because it is “offensive” (aparadha)… Obviously there is a way to spread Krishna Consciousness, otherwise it wouldn’t be around and we wouldn’t know about it. The way to spread it is not by “preaching” but by “Krishna Katha” (having discussion about Krishna with people […]

  • How to Deal with People

    How to Deal with People

    Here what Nārada’s told Dhruva: Don’thate the people below you,envy the people above you,or compete with those who are on your level.  When destiny puts you in the company of superior people,be delighted – for they will nurture and inspire you.  When destiny puts you with equals,be friendly, not competitive with them. When destiny forces […]

  • Priyavrata Makes “Seven Islands”

    Priyavrata Makes “Seven Islands”

    Bhāgavatam 5.1.30 yāvad avabhāsayati sura-girim anuparikrāman bhagavān ādityo vasudhā-talam ardhenaiva pratapaty ardhenāvacchādayati tadā hi bhagavad-upāsanopacitāti-puruṣa-prabhāvas tad anabhinandan samajavena rathena jyotirmayena rajanīm api dinaṁ kariṣyāmīti sapta-kṛt vastaraṇim anuparyakrāmad dvitīya iva pataṅgaḥ.⁠2 Prior to his [Priyavrata’s] reign, while the sun encircled the equator half the world would be overheated, while the other half was under-heated. He decided […]