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About Preaching Krishna Consciousness

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QUESTION: In your live-stream, you mentioned how “preaching” is never successful because it is “offensive” (aparadha)

Obviously there is a way to spread Krishna Consciousness, otherwise it wouldn’t be around and we wouldn’t know about it. The way to spread it is not by “preaching” but by “Krishna Katha” (having discussion about Krishna with people who, to some extent, understand Krishna).

“Preaching”, as I am using the word, means having the intention to spread Krishna consciousness, rather than the intention to have Krishna Katha. The difference is that the first has ulterior motive (anyābhilāṣitā). The second does not have any motive, and will automatically cause the results sought by the first.

QUESTION: Could you elaborate more on what is “offensive” about preaching?

This is the “9th Offence” in the classic list of 10 from Padma Purāṇa (I believe).

“asraddadhane vimukhe ’py asrnvati, yas copadesah siva-namaparadhah”

“Teaching disinterested, distracted, or averse people about the auspicious name is offensive to that name.”

Furthermore, it will cause a cascade, because you will cause other people to commit many other nāma-aparādhā, and you hold some responsibility for that.

For example, they will say you are exaggerating (6: hari-namni kālpa). They may become angry with you (1: satam ninda), or with the Vedas you quote (4: śruti-śāstra-ninda), etc.

QUESTION: I feel like I need to share Krsna, but sometimes it comes more from pressure instead of pleasure. Did you have that same experience when you were a brahmachari?

When I lived in ISKCON temples, I had my own punk-rock attitude, focused on rebellion and revolution in society. Hare Krishna’s pulled me in partly by feeding that and presenting Krishna consciousness as the truest and most important rebellion and revolution. In turn, I did the same – but my motivation was similar (if not identical) to the motivation I had before knowing anything about Krishna. All I really did was change the “skin” on the “game.” Like changing a texture pack in Minecraft. Just like when I was a punk-rocker – I felt that the world was wrong, and I was right, and people should be more like me.

I think most people who “preach” probably have a very similar motivation (people are wrong and we need to correct them). This is an ahaṁkāra which is quite macho and elitist, and not conducive at all to bhakti. The conducive mood for bhakti is to assume that everyone else can correct us. (tṛṇād api…).



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  1. ari Avatar

    “to assume that everyone else can correct us… ” i want to make this my personal motto


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