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No Birth Time, Moon in 10th, Gemstones

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No Birth Time

Question: Can you create a complete astrology chart without knowing the time of birth ?

No, but you could use the Moon as the Lagna and see whatever you can see using that technique.

Moon in the 10th House

Question: The following question is in response to the Moon in the 10th House video: wouldn’t Moon in 10th House depict the unseen and the internal coming into the public gaze?

Yes, I think that’s exactly what I said in the video.

Followup: Since the Moon is neutral in its personality; why should the clash necessarily be interpreted as ‘Sat Priya Kara’ or ‘Does Good Deeds’?

What do you think “neutral” means, here? And, whatever the definition, why would it preclude the moon from being able to produce a beneficial interpretation? To me, your question makes no sense.

As the vide explains, the Moon is feminine and mothering, and the tenth house is masculine and fathering. The combination of the two occurs in two important contexts: (1) That the 10th house tends to be a beneficial house for anyone. And (2) the moon is authority, and so is the 10th; the Moon is eye-catching and so is the 10th; and the Moon is changeable and so is the 10th. Therefore the nature of the Moon in the 10th is primarily synergistic, and not primarily disharmonious.

Since it occurs in this context, the astrologers like Mantreśvara have a positive opinion about the Moon in the 10th house, and they interpret the “feminine in a masculine role” / “mothering in a fathering platform” as a good indicator, “satpriya-kāra” – kind deeds, good deeds, loving deeds, etc.

Followup: Also, don’t you think when the hidden [Moon] becomes exposed [10th House], it presents challenges for authority? Reasoning from the gender-slant premise, you could argue that Maternal Femininity is able to overcome that challenge. But, would it still hold true for a ‘Neutral Personality‘?

The Moon is not gender-neutral. The Moon is definitely female. The gender-neutrals are Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu.

“Exposing the hidden” can present challenges to authority, yes. So in charts with rebellious contexts, Moon in 10th aids that. On its own however, it is an authority-planet in an authority-house, so it is not anti-authority. On its own, the only challenge it presents to authorities is that it tends to be better qualified as an authority.


Question: If a planet is the lord of both 9th house [a good lord] and 2nd house [a “maraka” – death-lord] – for example, Virgo ascendant has Venus ruling the 2nd and 9th – can it’s gemstone be worn? What do the classics suggest in this case?

You have the idea that the classics suggest wearing gemstones, and explain how to select those stones based on astrology. However, I have never seen a single classic astrology text suggest or explain anything about this. The closest I have personally seen is Garuda Purana – which simply says that gemstones have inherent powers. Nothing more is said about where or when they should be worn, and absolutely no correlation is made to planets or astrology.

So, we cannot answer from classics. That being the case, I cannot answer at all, since I have no value or use outside of what I receive from them.


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