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  • Non-Standard Chart Points

    Non-Standard Chart Points

    QUESTION: Are you familiar with Part of Fortune as well as Vertex points in a chart and do you place stock in those points? I am familiar with them. The Lot of Fortune is a calculated point based on the combining the positions of the ascendant, moon and sun. The Vertex is a different / […]

  • Correlation of Western and Vedic Dignities

    Correlation of Western and Vedic Dignities

    QUESTION: Is mars in Venus signs (Libra, Taurus) considered to be in its “fall”? No, that is called “detriment.” These are English words, and I myself have used them incorrectly in the past. Its not too much of a big deal, especially when you are actually using Indic/Vedic dignity systems. But, to clarify… Sanskrit Term […]

  • I am a Good Person, so why do I have Malefics?

    I am a Good Person, so why do I have Malefics?

    Everyone has malefic planets and bad placements somewhere in their chart. All the most beautiful people in the world still had Saturn somewhere in their chart. All the kindest people still had Ketu and Mars somewhere. So, everyone will hear some negative interpretations in a chart report or reading from an astrologer who isn’t just […]

  • Questions about Spiritual Love

    Questions about Spiritual Love

    QUESTION: If i understood it right… consciousness develops various existences to experience a superior type of bliss that is produced through the interaction and merging between the parts within itself, then…  is this not ultimately a kind self-love? Yes. QUESTION: Is the difference between conventional love and bhakti only about the scope of it (interpersonal vs […]

  • “Bhavat Bhavam” – Houses from Houses

    “Bhavat Bhavam” – Houses from Houses

    Q: Please explain this concept. Is it valid? For example, since the 5th is 2 houses from the 4th, it is the “house of gain” for the 4th House (mothers gain through their children) and since it is 12 houses from the 6th, it is the “house of loss” for the sixth. A: Think about […]

  • Do the Sun & Moon Own the *Whole* Zodiac?

    Do the Sun & Moon Own the *Whole* Zodiac?

    Yes, the Sun & Moon are the true “owners” of the sky. The other five planets are stewards of their signs, similar to how the “landlord” system worked in feudal societies. This doesn’t change anything about how you should think about the signs. It is simply the root cause of the Male/Female (Sun/Moon) nature inherent […]

  • Degrees and Dignity in Subdivision Charts

    Degrees and Dignity in Subdivision Charts

    Are degree’s valid in the divisional charts? Yes. How do you calculate them? Using ratios. For example, 10 daśāṁśa fit in a zodiac sign. So each daśāṁśa segment is 3 degrees of actual space, and represents one sub-sign. So, the ratio is “3° of real space = 30° of sub-space”. Thus, if a planet is […]