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  • 8th and 12th Houses

    8th and 12th Houses

    Question: In response to today’s stream on Stree Jataka, I have the following question: since both the 8th House and the 12th House signify erosion in nature, would the primary connotation of their House Lord’s placement in a chart be indicative of what is being eroded? Reply: The 8th and 12th are both directly above the […]

  • Spiritualists Don’t Want to Marry

    Spiritualists Don’t Want to Marry

    Question A spiritually inspired person may be “scared” of marriage, because it brings more threads of relationships and responsibilities that tie one into this existence. Is this good? My Reply Ask yourself “what am I scared of?” Most likely, if you are honest, you will realize that you are scared of accepting responsibility. That is […]

  • Houses 2 and 12 in Synastry

    QUESTION: My Reply Your inference has two problems. The first is a common problem, that almost any single technique or principle of interpretation tends to have: seeming like it alone is grounds for proclaiming a verdict. The second is a special problem: that synastry is not the same as a house system. To elaborate on […]

  • Age of Aquarius?

    Age of Aquarius?

    1. Do you believe there could be any sort of Aquarian age, or is it completely a farce from fence-sitters who want to ascribe some importance to the sidereal concept of the zodiac? Reality is something we participate in creating. If we decide there is such a thing as an Aquarian age, that goes a […]

  • Bharata & the Deer

    Bharata & the Deer

    “How could loving the deer too much possibly be the mistake which lead to Bharata’s rebirth in the body of an animal?” First, we have to stop calling Bharata’s action a “mistake.” Śuka never describes it as a mistake, he praises Bharata. The only slightly critical word Śuka ever uses regarding Bharata is that he […]

  • Can We Engineer Destiny with C-Section?

    Can We Engineer Destiny with C-Section?

    You can’t do it. It wont happen. Everything happens as a result of karma and you can’t “hack” karma. You can plan a whole plan about how you will have your c-section on Thursday with this and that planetary alignment. But the doctor will show up late from traffic, or the anesthesia will take too […]

  • Abhijit the Nakshatra vs. Abhijit the Star vs. Dhruva

    Abhijit the Nakshatra vs. Abhijit the Star vs. Dhruva

    When did the pole star Dhruva become synonymous with the constellation Abhijit? Maybe 4th canto, 9th chapter describes when this happened. However, let’s be clear about something: Dhruva and Abhijit are not entirely synonymous. Actually there are three things we can confuse: Dhruva is the pole itself: The point in the sky that does not […]

  • Non-Standard Chart Points

    Non-Standard Chart Points

    QUESTION: Are you familiar with Part of Fortune as well as Vertex points in a chart and do you place stock in those points? I am familiar with them. The Lot of Fortune is a calculated point based on the combining the positions of the ascendant, moon and sun. The Vertex is a different / […]

  • Correlation of Western and Vedic Dignities

    Correlation of Western and Vedic Dignities

    QUESTION: Is mars in Venus signs (Libra, Taurus) considered to be in its “fall”? No, that is called “detriment.” These are English words, and I myself have used them incorrectly in the past. Its not too much of a big deal, especially when you are actually using Indic/Vedic dignity systems. But, to clarify… Sanskrit Term […]

  • I am a Good Person, so why do I have Malefics?

    I am a Good Person, so why do I have Malefics?

    Everyone has malefic planets and bad placements somewhere in their chart. All the most beautiful people in the world still had Saturn somewhere in their chart. All the kindest people still had Ketu and Mars somewhere. So, everyone will hear some negative interpretations in a chart report or reading from an astrologer who isn’t just […]