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Q/A on Some Details of Aspect Interpretation

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(1) Where in your videos did you mention about the basic yogas? In particular, kalpadruma yoga? 

We discuss these in our weekly live stream on Phaladeepika. You can find them mostly in the streams about Chapter Six. I am not sure if kalpadruma specifically was covered, however.

(2) If a plant’s prominence/impact is 100% does that mean influence/aspects of other planets on that 100% planet is more important than other aspect with lesser prominence/impact? (e.g. Planet A has 100% impact and Planet B has 50% impact. If Planet C influences A and B then the A and C influence is more important than the B and C influence.)

The prominence calculation in my reports is already inclusive of aspects, conjunctions and dispositors.

If Jupiter and Saturn aspect your Moon, for example, and Jupiter’s aspect is very clear (lets say 90%) and Saturn’s is less clear (say, 75%), then Jupiter’s influence your Moon is stronger, and dominates more than Saturn’s. It will not matter if Saturn’s prominence is higher or lower than Jupiters.

However, the Shad-bala part of the prominence DOES matter somewhat. But this may be overly complex compared to the amount of importance, and one’s brain power may be better spent considering other, more impactful things.

(3) In your 7th house moon video you say that if two planets is 180° from each other then they act like their from each other house. Does lordship also do this as well? 

To clarify, if two planets are 180° from each other, they tend to form a very strong mutual aspect.

If a planet is 180° from the ascendant, or another house cusp, it tends to form a very strong aspect to it, which is similar (not identical) to it being in that house.

Your question about lordship… the answer is yes. We should always consider all factors affecting a planet: sign, house, lordship, its own aspects and conjunctions… all these affect the influence it gives by its own aspects.




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