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When it comes to “what is my life-purpose?” there are some who ask, and others who don’t. Among those who don’t, some don’t care, but others know without asking.

Those who ask are better than those who don’t care.
Those who don’t need to ask are better off than both.

Why should we need to ask “what is my life-purpose?” If something is truly your life-purpose, could it really be something you would be able to miss, forget, etc. Could it really be something you could be unaware of? A screwdriver doesn’t really need to ask what its “purpose” is. It’s a screwdriver. Mostly its meant to turn screws. Sugar doesn’t need to ask. It’s sugar. Mostly it’s meant to sweeten edibles.

So if you are asking, “What is my life-purpose” it’s a clue that answering you would be a waste of time. What you really need is for someone to ask you…


You need a “second opinion”? A “confirmation”? If you need a confirmation, its the same problem. Life purpose should be obvious and undeniable. If its not obvious and undeniable, there are two options: its not your life-purpose, or you are trying to avoid your life-purpose.

It’s probably the second.

Why are you trying to avoid it? Why are you blinding yourself to it? What is it about your obvious purpose in life that you are (a) ashamed of, or (b) afraid of?

Whatever non-destructive behavior you simply cannot stop yourself from always, regularly, consistently doing….

is your “life-purpose”

If it doesn’t make your friends think you are cool, oh well.
If it doesn’t make the opposite sex want to mate you, oh well.
If it doesn’t make your parents brag, oh well.
If it doesn’t fill your gas tank, oh well.
If it’s not grandiose, oh, f-n, well, already!

It’s still your purpose
and until you embrace it you will keep being off-balance in your feelings and actions.




2 responses to “Life-Purpose?”

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  2. Rina Avatar

    Very concise, it’s so simple!


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