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8th and 12th Houses

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In response to today’s stream on Stree Jataka, I have the following question: since both the 8th House and the 12th House signify erosion in nature, would the primary connotation of their House Lord’s placement in a chart be indicative of what is being eroded?


The 8th and 12th are both directly above the horizon. So their symbolism is based on two things: (1) the sun being at an angle to our eyes which makes it very difficult to see anything, and (2) wind, rain, etc., which erodes the landscape beneath it.

The lord of a house represents whatever the house represents. Nonetheless, it is not identical to the house itself.

If a planet is actually in the 8th or 12th then it literally is precariously close to the horizon and obscured by the atmosphere. If a planet is with the lord of these houses, it is not literally in that position, it is just being influenced by a planet that deals with that position.

So, the short answer is “basically, yes – but not as intense.”

Also, be aware that rulership of the trikona takes precedence. So if a planet is lord of 8 and 5, but its trikona is 5, it will make the influence of the 8th lord still less significant.

Here is the live stream the question refers to:


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