Enlightened Consciousness

QUESTION: “I am” is inherent in consciousness. Then is “I am I” perfection/ perfect perception?

Yes, it is the beginning of perfection. But consciousness whats to know “What am I?”


That is cyclic logic / circular experience. It doesn’t satisfy the query. Consciousness wants to perceive itself, it wants to know what it is. It will probably not feel satiated by being put in a loop. So what is it? What is “I”?

QUESTIONER: It is consciousness.

What is “consciousness”?

QUESTIONER: Consciousness is perception

“Perception” is a verb. Verbs require subjects and enjoy objects. If consciousness alone is real, and if consciousness is perception – what is the subject and object for consciousness?

QUESTIONER: Consciousness is its own subject and object

Yes. I agree. But then it is inaccurate to describe it as just “perception.” It is a trinity: “Perceiver, Perception, Perceived.” This is a very, very key point. Many mysteries will be demystified if we always bear this in mind.

QUESTION: “I am perceiving that I am perceiving.” Is this perfection?

Close to it. But I will want to know, what am I perceiving?

Perception is something that pertains to the Perceived. That is its dharma. So, if “I am perceiving that I am perceiving” – what am I really, ultimately perceiving?

QUESTIONER: You are perceiving yourself, perceiving yourself.

Another unsatisfying loop! It is a circular / redundant experience that doesn’t really satisfy my hunger to know what I am, but swallows me in a loop of sensing that I am something perceiving something.

But at least now you have given me a hint: “I am a perceiver” – this is somewhat satisfying.

Actually, “I am perceiving myself” – if actually experienced and not just theorized, produces an exalted state called mokṣa (which means “liberation” and people often express as “enlightenment”). It, however, is just the most fundamental, basic, initial type of mokṣa, known as sayujya – “oneness.” It is named this because being absorbed in the loop of perception causes perception, perceiver and perceived to blur and become indistinguishable. The three become one. They get stuck in that loop state and become inseparable from one another.

QUESTIONER: Isn’t enlightenment perfection?

Enlightenment is not monolithic. It has great depth. There are many degrees of enlightenment. Sages who experienced them categorized them into five. The one you are talking about (sayujya) is the most simplistic. It is amazing and exciting and infinitely fulfilling compared to our ordinary experiences, but compared to the other types of enlightenment, it is static and bording.

QUESTION: What are the other grades of enlightenment

These other grades begin to perceive all three facets of consciousness: perceiver, perception, perceived. So, within the “I experience I” paradigm, they have the delight and satisfaction of perception actually having a perceived object. Because consciousness manifests not only as the perceiver, but also as the perceived.

The second liberation is called sālokya – it means “I as locality.” Those with this enlightenment perceive “I” as a definite being, not as an undefinable perception bot.

The third is sāṛṣti. It means “I as potency.” Those with this enlightenment also perceive that this definite “I” has agency and can therefore participate in actions, causing events to unfold. Mind you, all this is within the state of “I experience I” – not outside it!

The fourth is sārūpya – “I as beauty.” Now that consciousness can experience definition (sālokya) and has the ability to interact with it (sāṛṣti), it can do art. It can create beauty, and manifest itself as beauty.

The fifth is sāmīpya – “I as relationship.” Now that consciousness can manifest itself as beauty, it delights in interacting with other manifestations of conscious beauty. This is the pinnacle of existence. Our current existence is a mirror inversion of it, because all the locality, potency, beauty, and relationship is extrinsic to “I.”

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