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Can We Engineer Destiny with C-Section?

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You can’t do it. It wont happen.

Everything happens as a result of karma and you can’t “hack” karma.

You can plan a whole plan about how you will have your c-section on Thursday with this and that planetary alignment. But the doctor will show up late from traffic, or the anesthesia will take too long to work, or whatever. And that 14 minutes of delay changes the d60 to something totally unexpected, sticks a bunch of different ascendants on a whole bunch of vargas, and there goes your whole blueprint.

Or everything will happen as planed, and your child is not a dr./lawyer/president anyway because you are not Brahmājī with four super-human brain-cpu and the blueprint you figured out had major flaws that you were unaware of. So, yay – you got the c-section exactly when you wanted it, but don’t get the result you thought you would get. You get what karma (a.k.a. Brahmā and Yama and Citragupta) planned for you to get.

Or hey, maybe the c-section goes exactly as planned and you are also a superhuman astrological genius and selected precicely the right moment. In the very very very unlikely case that this happens, it happens because that was how it was supposed to happen in the first place. In which case, congrats on wasted effort to do something that would have happened without effort anyway.

When you plan things, plan things to the best of your ability – selecting the right muhurta, etc. Elect things wisely, and with the attitude of trying to be cooperative and in harmony with the divine flow of destiny. But the idea of subverting or “hacking” destiny by forcing things to happen at certain times is something totally different. It’s just whack, and it just doesn’t work.


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