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Non-Standard Chart Points

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QUESTION: Are you familiar with Part of Fortune as well as Vertex points in a chart and do you place stock in those points?

I am familiar with them. The Lot of Fortune is a calculated point based on the combining the positions of the ascendant, moon and sun. The Vertex is a different / dynamic way of measuring the Descendant.

I don’t use either of them, but this does not imply any negative evaluation. They just are amongst the thousands of astrological things I don’t use. Traditional Vedic astrology has many Lots, like the Fortune Lot. I also seldom use those. We also have a dynamic house concept (which the Vertex is a part of), but I also don’t use that.

I prefer to keep my toolkit as clean and simple as possible, and only add things I need to add. I feel like the less I need to add, the better I am doing.

QUESTION: I am also interested in finding out the reason why you do not use the larger outer planets in your readings as i have not seen you touch on that subject in your videos.

I explain this in my books, Radically Deep Fundamentals of Astrology, and Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology. I have also discussed it indirectly in my video series, Astrology is Beautiful. ( )

Briefly… Astrology is nature’s way of conveying information to humanity. To me, the idea that she would communicate important information via things that cannot naturally be seen or calculated by humanity is like the idea that you will talk to me without speaking or implying anything through gestures.

QUESTION: In some of your videos you have touched on the subject of midheaven, however, unless I missed it, I did not see any degree points for my midheaven in your analysis.

I feel that Midheaven is the most important concept related to dynamic houses, and it is worth it to employ midheaven as a point unto itself. I have even seen classical Sanskrit authors seeming to mention it, suggesting they also used it. However I do not feel it is an absolutely essential part of a basic chart overview in classical style.



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