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How to Deal with People

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Here what Nārada’s told Dhruva:

hate the people below you,
envy the people above you,
or compete with those who are on your level. 

When destiny puts you in the company of superior people,
be delighted – for they will nurture and inspire you. 

When destiny puts you with equals,
be friendly, not competitive with them.

When destiny forces you into contact with low people,
they will bring discord and pain into your life,
but don’t hate them, be sympathetic.
After all, do you not also have many flaws?


2 responses to “How to Deal with People”

  1. Mitra Frank Avatar
    Mitra Frank

    It’s easy to say but hard to keep the words in life, sir.
    Sometimes it’s more than just envy; it’s also the feeling of Insecure, the fear of getting behind.
    Envy can be a good motivation, too, but it takes a strong mind to do some good deeds. Friendly is a good manner that can be always adored, but emotions are like waves and tides, takes some skills to ride.


  2. ari Avatar

    So simple, clear and doable… i wish it was as easy always remembering to apply this in the heat of the moment😅…


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