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Do the Sun & Moon Own the *Whole* Zodiac?

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Yes, the Sun & Moon are the true “owners” of the sky. The other five planets are stewards of their signs, similar to how the “landlord” system worked in feudal societies.

This doesn’t change anything about how you should think about the signs. It is simply the root cause of the Male/Female (Sun/Moon) nature inherent in the 12 zodiacs.

Q/A About this…

Q: I was searching for rāśī videos and found one that says Leo-Capricorn belong to the Sun, while Aquarious through Cancer belong to the Moon. He said Sun-owned signs are more external, and Moon-based are more internal.

A: If we adopt this concept, we will fall into some preposterous misunderstandings. For example: Aries and Gemini would be “introverted” and Virgo “extroverted.”

The correct understanding is that the Moon owns every even zodiac (2 – Taurus, 4 – Cancer, 6 – Virgo, 8 – Scorpio, 10 – Capricorn, 12 – Pisces), and the Sun owns every odd zodiac (1 – Aries, 3 – Gemini, 5 – Leo, 7 – Libra, 9 – Sagittarius, 11 – Aquarius). This will give you the correct conception of gender and the internal/external dynamic (which is really just an aspect of gender).

Here is a relevant video:


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4 responses to “Do the Sun & Moon Own the *Whole* Zodiac?”

  1. Alexandra Avatar

    The Sun is thought of having 12 parts, right? Every part is ruled by one Aditya.

    Somewhere I read, the Moon has 16 parts, but I nowhere found any information about the gods ruling the parts.


    1. Vic DiCara Avatar
      Vic DiCara

      The 16 parts are the moon’s phases. Start at new moon (empty). from there you will have fourteen phases, and then the full moon. So from new to full there are 16 phases. (Alternatively we say fifteen, if we count the new moon as the end of the waning phase. But here we are measuring only the waxing phase, so we say 16 distinction (because of that many days transpiring)


  2. adrielwer Avatar

    If sun owns aquarius it means he gets some dignity there?


    1. Vic DiCara Avatar
      Vic DiCara

      Yes, because aquarius is male and airy. However, that is the extent of it. Remember, it gave the land to Saturn, and now Saturn has turned it into what Saturn likes.


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