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Miscarriage in Astrology Charts

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Try to identify the general umbrella of various symbolic indications for loosing a child. The most typical signature is “malefics affecting the 5th house and Jupiter.”

That statement seems simple, but the more familiar with astrology you become the more details you find hidden in a statement like that.

Malefics” for example can mean natural malefics or lords of malefic houses or anything in a malefic circumstance like a very poor dignity or a disturbing condition like combustion or loss in war.

Affecting” can mean a conjunction, a strong aspect, a dispositorship, or a navamsha conjunction.

5th House” refers to the 5th sign from the rising sign, as well as the lord of that sign. Secondarily it refers to the same from the moon, and again the same from Jupiter.

So, a simple statement like “malefics affecting the 5th house and Jupiter” is actually quite thorough and complex. And, of course, you have to evaluate it cumulatively. In other words, the more malefics affect the 5th house in more possible ways, with greater exactness, the more serious, sudden, sure and complete the “loss of the child” is.


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  1. zuyaa Avatar

    Thank you so much, I understood the combustion thing better with this video
    Marvellous Saturn externally have resentment cumulative, but with a different purpose internally. Then the premature child have the same “Malefic, Affecting and 5th House” but in minor grade cumulative. What happen with abortion inducide?


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