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Three Questions on Revati Nakshatra

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(1) Revati is classified as a Mrdu Nakshatra [Soft, Compliant, Cooperative]. Yet, you have said, “Pushan is the guide. He is the path-finder. He is an animal herder. An animal herder always knows where to go. Herding animals means that you take them from one place to another. So nobody knows their way around better than animal herders.” So why not consider Revati also a Chala Nakshatra [Progressive, Movement-oriented]?

Some vegetables are called Spinach. Others are called Cabbage. Not every spinach is the same. Not every cabbage is the same. Some cabbage seems a bit like spinach, and some spinach seems a bit like cabbage.

Revati is mainly about cooperation, partnership and the consequent parental-guidance, and the prosperity that arises from it. This is why it is primarily Mrdu – oriented towards cooperation. Because it is about parental-guidance, it is very intelligent, so it seems to have some of the “dakshataa” of other nakshatra classes, like Laghu and Chala.

Actually most or all of the Mridu Nakshatras have a lot of expertise and intelligence, because that is what it takes to cooperate effectively.

The thing that is wrong about thinking of Revati as Chala is that it doesnt seek change – which is a KEY component of all the Chala Nakshatra. Revati seeks permanence and reliability.

(2) You also said, “Whenever you lose something and you want to find it, do a sacrifice for Pushan”. What does that entail? Would feeding goats qualify as a legitimate action-oriented sacrifice for Pushan? In terms of mantra-based sacrifices: would meditating upon the following: ‘Om Pushanaya Namah’ be a correct approach?

If you wanted to do a Vedic sacrifice for Pushan, you would need to find a qualified Purohit. Once you are confident you have a genuine Purohit, qualified by their behavior and knowledge, then you can simply ask that person and they will certainly know. It may, however, prove extremely difficult to find a truly qualified Vedic Purohit in this day and age.

If you wanted to do more symbolic sacrifices for Pushan, you could donate to or give service in any charity that helps parents, especially mothers, and children, especially babies and also orphans. You could also do that for any organization that protects animals from harm and injury. You could take care of your own parents, children, spouse, and animals with improved attention.

If you wanted a mantra, ॐ श्रीं पूष्णे नमः (oṁ śrīṁ pūṣṇe namaḥ) – You can say this mantra in when you do the charity and seva mentioned in the previous paragraph.

(3) Pushan and Pusya are quite similar to each other in terms of both of them being nourishing. What are the differences between them? I feel Pushan’s is a more caring-mothering kind of nourishment, while Pushya’s is a more teaching kind of nourishment.

Yes, I agree completely.

Both are about helping children to grow. But Revati is more from a mother’s viewpoint. Puṣya is more from a teacher’s viewpoint.



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