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Satan, Evil, and Dark-photons (Don’t Exist)

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Think of Light and Dark.

There are things in the universe that produce light (stars). But is there something that produces darkness? Actually no, there isn’t. In fact, light exists in physics and is known as a photon, a light-quantum. But there is no dark-quantum.

Light is a thing. It exists. Darkness is not a thing, but it does exist.

How does it exist if it is not a thing? It is not a thing, but it is a condition. It is the condition of lacking light. This is how things that exist automatically create their opposite, but their opposite is not a separate real entity, it is merely their lack.

This is one of the important places where western religions get everything completely and absolutely wrong. They think that since there is darkness in the world, there must be a dark-marker, a dark-god. And that dark-god must be different, opposed to, at odds with the light-god. This is how they succumb to the philosophically childish error of dualism.



7 responses to “Satan, Evil, and Dark-photons (Don’t Exist)”

  1. Eva Bernodt Avatar
    Eva Bernodt



  2. Alfonso Avatar

    some say total (divine) darkness is (as you say) not opposed to light but that it is what precedes light and even self-awareness…

    that it is “a condition of absolute cessation of the light of knowledge and consciousness, for true nature is beyond such light. True nature is the source of light.” (Almaas, The Inner Journey Home; page 257)



    1. Vic DiCara Avatar
      Vic DiCara

      There are as many philosophies as their are philosophers. Our task is to sort out what is more and less reasonable. There is no entity producing dark, and there is no particle or energy of darkness. On the other hand there are numerous entities that produce light, and there is indeed a measurable, tangilbe particle or energy of light. Hence it is less reasonable to embrace the philosophy that darkness existed before light.

      Your quote from Almaas is not agreeable with Vedic mysticism. In our system, light is an inherent dharma of the ultimate substance/reality. (“svayamjyoti, atmaprakasha”)


      1. Alfonso Avatar


        i thank you for your answer, Vic 🙏🏼


  3. arian Avatar

    i understand the analogy, but if we take it a little further…. things get a bit more complicated.. indeed there is no dark photons… but there are particles called antimatter, blackholes, dark matter and dark energy as the most abundant blocks and binding forces of the universe…. and if we understand the whole universe as a big metaphore of the real thing… how we could interprete that sort of phenomena? thank you


    1. Vic DiCara Avatar
      Vic DiCara

      To use analogies from physics, one should devote some time and study to the science of physics (not the youtube psuedo-science versions of it). Even on youtube there are some good channels to get acquainted with the science. I recommend PBS SpaceTime, for example.

      ANTIMATTER is simply matter with opposite electrical charge. For example in conventional matter, an electron has negative charge. But in rare cases where it has a positive charge, it is “antimatter.”

      BLACK-HOLES are simply gravitational masses so strong that they capture even photons (light).

      DARK-MATTER is not dark. It is simply a mathematical problem that there is not enough matter in the observable universe to make our physics equations work correctly. So we posit that there is a lot of matter that we cannot observe. Since it is believed to be invisible, it was called “dark.” It is just a theory, at this point, and more importantly, it is not literally a source of darkness.

      DARK-ENERGY is similar. It is a way to make equations work, when they don’t. There is too much energy in the universe, much more than what the laws of physics predict. Therefore one way to solve the problem is to assume there is energy we are not aware of.

      None of the four things above produce darkness.

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      1. arian Avatar

        thank you🙏🏾🤍✨


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