Sidereal and Tropical, each for their intended use! More Info Here.

1) Janma – Birth

Bad: Travel, changing

Good: introspection, blending

2) Sampat Coming Together

Bad: ending, dissolving

Good: starting, assembling, joining

3) Vipat – Falling Apart

Bad: starting, assembling, joining

Good: ending, dissolving

4) Kṣema Staying Safe

Bad: travel, career, effort

Good: rest, family, home

5) Pratyak – Turning Away

Bad: agreement, progress, staying

Good: changing direction, disagreeing, leaving

6) Sādhana – Making Progress

Bad: forgiveness, relaxation

Good: discipline, effort, improvement, learning

7) Naidhana – Regressing

Bad: growth, profit, progress

Good: ending, leaving, letting go

8) Mitra – Friendship

Bad: self-care, self-sufficiency

Good: dedication, vow

9) Atimitra – Love

Bad: leaving, ending

Good: Partnering, combining, enjoying


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