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Your most recent video on the Tarabala has fascinated me. I am having a hard time understanding the differences between:

#3 Falling apart,
#5 Turning back, and
#7 Regressing.

My Reply

The three are similar because the “motion” in all of them is “away.” But the differences are:

Vipat (Falling Apart) – things separate. Partners go separate ways. Resources divest, diffuse, scatter.

Pratyak (Turning Away) – one thing becoming averse to another. A member of a partnership ceases to cooperate. A needed condition or resource simply will not cooperate and come to you.

Naidhana (Regressing) – something dwindles, wanes, goes to waste, dies out. It is the opposite of growth and progress.




2 responses to “Falling Apart, Turning Back, Regressing (Nakshatra Tarabala)”

  1. Amma Avatar

    Thanks, Vic! That really helped. Now I wonder about falling away coupled with in love, would that be falling in love or falling away from love?


  2. Amma Avatar

    My question just got answered in today’s post, I get it now. Thank you


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