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What Astrology Software for Mac?

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Which astrology software would you recommend to begin using to study charts through an apple Mac?

My Reply

It depends on what type of astrology you want to use. If you want to utilize certain things like divisional charts (vargas, amshas) or like dashas, then you will certainly have to have a “vedic” software. If you want to utilize nakshatras, you would also need vedic software but one that allows you to separate them from the rashi and give them ayanamsha.

Unfortunately there still isnt a good option for Mac.

You might want to go with something like Parashara’s Light or any Mac-native “Vedic” software, set it to “sayana/ tropical” in the calculation options, and just realize that anytime you do anything involving nakshatras, (which includes dasha, unfortunately) you have to temporarily change that option to lahiri.

I don’t advise becoming too dependent on software anyway, nor becoming too involved in complex calculations right away. I advise learning how to fully and correctly read the basic birth chart, so you are always reasonably accurate even without using any dasha, or amshas. And after that is mastered, move on to amshas.

For that you could really get ANY software you want, or even use free online calculators, and just be sure you have the options set to Tropical and Whole-Sign houses, and to remove the non-vedic planets and add Ketu.




One response to “What Astrology Software for Mac?”

  1. Andi Akrura Galindo Avatar

    Thanks dear Vic, clear and helpful answer since in Cosmic Insight there is an option for tropical signs and Sidereal Nakshatras


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