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6th House Moon Can’t Know Astrology?????

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I recently released this video on the moon in the sixth house.

Since I myself have Moon in the Sixth House, someone complained to me:

“You handed your enemies the frame in which to invalidate you permanently.”

My Reply

Truth is either true or false.

If a saint says, “the sky is blue” and a criminal says, “the sky is blue” – the statements are equally true. And if a saint says, “snow is hot” and a criminal says, “snow is hot” both statements are equally false.

Similarly, the validity of a logical argument depends on the quality of the logic,
not on the personality quirks of the person giving the argument.

If a mathematician argues, “2+2=4” it is not more valid than if a poet gives the same argument. And if the mathematician argues that “2+2=3” it is no less invalid than if a poet had said it.

Anyone who would validate or invalidate
any argument I give
based on how much they like or dislike me
is a fool in the first place
and not worthy of concern.

Besides this, I do not really see what about the moon in the sixth house would “invalidate me permanently.”

Moon in the sixth is alpāyus (“short lived”). Does the length of a person’s life somehow validate or invalidate their logic?

Moon in the sixth is amati (“argumentative”). Does being argumentative disqualify a person from being a nyāyaka (“logician”, “arguer”, “debater”)? On the contrary, it qualifies them.

Moon in the sixth is paribhavī (“conquering”,”belittling”). Does being able to fight with enemies, surround and lay seige to opponents, and destroy them all somehow disqualify one from being a nyāyaka? Again, quite to the contrary, being able to defeat people in argument (amati paribhavī) is a very good quality for a debater.

Moon in the sixth is udāra-rogī (has “generousity disease”). Does being too generous sometimes and too strict at other times imply that a person cannot understand reality well? I see no connection.

Moreover, the video presents Albert Einstein as an example of a person with the Moon in the Sixth house, so I am baffled by your claim that this video condemns the intellectual capacity of people with Moon in the Sixth.



2 responses to “6th House Moon Can’t Know Astrology?????”

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  2. Amanda Avatar

    perhaps the ill-worded statement was not directed at you specifically, but the author’s general understanding of moon in the 6th- assuming we chose our placements before birth. i won’t speculate any further; the author owes some kind of explanation.


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