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Life-Lessons from Tara-bala

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Tarabala (lit. “Star-strength”) is a nakshatra interpretation system, in which a planet in any given Star (“nakshatra”) is strengthened or weakened by planets in other stars. The pattern is basically simple. It is a repeating pattern of 9, where the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 8th Nakshatra forward from a planet will strengthen the reference planet in a specific way. While a planet in the 0th, 2nd, 4th, and 6th will weaken it in a specific way.

The fascinating thing, which teaches us important life-lessons comes from considering that a particular number forward implies a particular number backward. For example, Rohini is 1 star forward from Kritika, which implies that Krittika must be 1 star backwards from Rohini. “1 backwards” is the same as “8 forwards” (9-1 = 8). Using this we can see the bonds between strengthening and weakening, and seeing that – we can understand life more clearly.

We Must “Give” to “Friends.”

The 2nd tarabala is called vipat, which means “spending.” If Planet B’s nakshatra is 2 forward from Planet A, then Planet A’s nakshatra must be 2 backwards from Planet B; it must be in the 7th tarabala, called mitra, which means “friendship.”

This teaches us that we must give to our friends. We must spend for them, and cause them to be befitted. This is the very definition of friendliness, which is a fundamental ingredient in love.

The planet in vipat benefits the planet in mitra. The planet in mitra drains the resources of the planet in vipat, but if the planet in vipat is willing to sacrifice for the planet in mirta, that “drain” is a positive experience, like giving your time and energy to help your friend.

We Must “Tolerate” our “Obstacles” to “Guard” against “Depression.”

The 3rd tarabala is called kshema, which means “protecting” and also means “tolerating.” It is necessarily linked to the 6th tarabala, called naidhana, which means “obstacle”, “challenge”, “setback.”

This teaches us that we must progress by enduring our setbacks without giving up. Thus failure (and our reaction to it) is as important as success, for our progress in life. The planet in naidhana presents obstacles that the planet in kshema must learn to tolerate.

The other meaning of kshema, “protection,” means that obstacles and setbacks teach us what me must protect ourselves against. The planet in kshema represents the most effective way we can guard against the potential depressions represented by the planet in naidhana.

Dealing with “Challenges” is our “Means of Progress.”

The 4th tarabala is called pratyak which means “agression”, and “challenge.” It is necessarily linked to the 5th tarabala, called sadhana, which means “means of progress.”

This means that dealing with challenges is the very means of making progress in life!

The planet in pratyak represents the challenges that the planet in sadhana will deal with successfully, to achieve progress in what it symbolizes.

Now we have covered 3 of the 4 possible
tarabala pairs:
2 ⇆ 7, 3 ⇆ 6, 4 ⇆ 5.
It’s now time
to consider the most intersting pair
1 ⇆ 8!

“Love Enriches!”

The 1st tarabala is called sampat which means “enriching.” It is necessarily linked to the 8th tarabala, atimitra, which means “extreme friendship” or “love.”

This is the only tarabala pair that is beneficial in both directions. This means that love benefits both parties, and our endeavor to enrich and please our beloved will benefit ourselves, if the beloved is truly lovable.

The planet in atimitra is the one that receives the enrichment from the planet in sampat. Conversely, the planet in sampat is the one that delights in the love from the planet in atimitra, as a result of its predilection to enrich that planet.



4 responses to “Life-Lessons from Tara-bala”

  1. Bharathi Manikandan Avatar
    Bharathi Manikandan

    Vanakkam Vic sir🙏.
    Beautiful concept..another pearl in the ocean. My dull head would understand this better if u can present it as a video full of your powerful and intelligent vibes.. (I’m a simple housewife from south india. I can appreciate the power, beauty and strength of ur communication skill..but I’m not good with english language. Kindly excuse. )

    I bow down to u Vic sir.. listening to ur videos.. I’m doing a better job understanding myself and people around me. I’m able to be a better company and confidant of my sweet daughter in her youth. I can better appreciate God’s blessings on me. Many many thanks to u. The way u described ur wife after ur anesthesia experience..’saintly’..brought tears in my eyes.. Happy for u. God bless u. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vic DiCara Avatar
      Vic DiCara

      bless you Bharathi devi

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mudit Avatar

    “A planet in the 0th, 2nd, 4th, and 6th will weaken the reference planet in a specific way”
    Then how
    “The planet in vipat benefits the planet in mitra.”?


    1. Vic DiCara Avatar
      Vic DiCara

      the planet in mitra recieves the enrichment from the planet in vipata, which is in “vipata” BECAUSE of giving away its enrichment.


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