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How to Learn Astrology

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The Prerequisite is Patience

If you expect to get good at everything right away, you won’t, ever. Take your time. The “basic” stuff is more important than the “advanced” stuff. So go very very slow and sure on the basics, and then you will find intermediate level becomes easy, and advanced level comes truthfully within your grasp.

Step 1:
Get Your Bearings

Astrology is about destiny, and if you don’t have a clear understanding of what that actually is, and what logical laws it abides by, your astrology will be like the books of an author who doesn’t understand the alphabet.

I wrote this book, The Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology, to provide you with everything you need at this initial stage of understanding and learning astrology. I consider it the most important book on astrology I have written.

Please follow these steps for each chapter:

  1. Read it.
  2. In a notebook, write your explanation of what was in the chapter – as if it would be read by a friend who has no idea at all.
  3. Read it again as if you were that friend. Would your notes have explained everything? Imagine the followup questions your friend might have.
  4. In your notebook, answer those questions. Are your answers clear and simple and short? The more you answer yes, the more ready you are to move on to the next chapter and repeat these steps.

Step Two:
Basic Elements

Assuming you are learning zodiacal astrology, everything you will ever do in any astrology you ever do will involve three things: planets, signs, and houses. So, the better you understand these, the better you astrology will be (and the easier it will be for you to wield astrology efficiently and profoundly). TAKE. YOUR. TIME. LEARNING. THESE. THREE.

I wrote this book, Radically Deep Fundamentals of Astrology, to equip you with the clarity and depth you really, really need to insure that you will not stumble and stutter later on, when you have moved into learning the actual techniques of astrology (the “intermediate” educational stage).

The book has many visual aids to help you structure and digest the content. Keep reading the book over and over until you can visualize these graphs and charts in your mind effortlessly as soon as you say the name of any planet, sign, or house.

Step Three:
Elementary Techniques

The simple building blocks of all the more advanced techniques are the elementary interpretations of planets in signs, and planets in houses (as house lords, too). To help you with this, I am recording and posting at least one video a week exploring exactly these combinations, in sequence. Please visit my YouTube channel and do all the subscribing etc. that needs to be done so that you get notified of the videos as they come out, and take your time going through all the combinations that are already done.

As of writing this, I have already posts every planet in every sign, and have covered the Sun in all houses, and the Moon in houses 1-4.

Step Four:
Intermediate & Advanced Techniques

I do a weekly livestream on YouTube where I translate and explain from the excellent Sanskrit astrology textbook, Phaladīpikā. This text covers many, many intermediate and advanced techniques and principles.

As of writing, you can catch up to all the previous livestreams by watching the recordings – we have gone up to chapter 11 so far.


If you want to use nakshatras, you just have to add them as an additional “basic element”. I have written two textbooks on Nakshatras, which you can find on my site.

I also have much of the above material structured as self-study courses, which you can have a look at here.



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