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Here is a workable theory. In the near future I will research it more completely and fine tune it, and produce a report that people can purchase to get all the information handed to them in an easy manner.

Let’s break this consideration into the typical two categories: (1) inherent importance / naisārgikaprabalatā, (2) acquired importance / naimittikā-prabalatā.

Inherent Importance will involve the same factors for everyone and anyone’s chart. Acquired Importance will involve different factors in every chart.

Inherent Importance

The following (with their relative weight):

  1. Month-Nakshatra (0.8)
  2. Day-Nakshatra (0.9)
  3. Ascendant Nakshatra (1.0)
  4. 1st Lord Nakshatra (1.1)
  5. Moon Nakshatra (1.2)

Acquired Importance

The nakshatras of the planets affecting

  1. Ascendant (0.9)
  2. 1st lord (1.0)
  3. Moon (1.2)

To determine what “affects” these, separately tally the quantified aspects and conjunctions to these three points, and add a bonus to their dispositor. This tally will be in the form of a percentage

The Nakshatra of the influencing planet gains importance as “Ni = T x W” – where

  • Ni = Importance of the influencing planet’s nakshatra
  • T = tally of the percentage of influence
  • W = weight of the influenced point’s importance.

Harmonic Amplification

(This is a second facet of acquired importance.)

Combine the Inherent Scores with the Acquired Scores. Now you will have a list of importance scores for every nakshatra. Convert these values to percentages of the score of the nakshatra with the highest score.

For each nakshatra, give 1 point to its nakshatra class (mobile, quick, sweet, enduring, strong, bitter), multiplied by its importance percentage.

Convert the scores for the 6 nakshatra classes to a percentage of theit max score. Then multiply each nakshatra score by the score of the class it belongs to.


3 responses to “Which Nakshatra is the most important in your chart?”

  1. Rina Avatar

    Love your blog content !! excellent writing, thank you for being so engaging


    1. diana Avatar

      navamsha how is calculated? for what is good to do it?


      1. Vic DiCara Avatar
        Vic DiCara

        you can google this on my youtube channel. basically, divide a sign into 9 equal parts. The first part of Aries is Aries, the remaining parts are sequential. Construct the navamahsa as a chart by grouping all the like signs together. It is good for seeing the “Dharma” – the inherent nature of the person and how well they stay true to it.


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