Sidereal and Tropical, each for their intended use! More Info Here.

  1. as i understand, your system is a tropical projection of the vedic/nakshatra system… is it a correct enough way to say this?

No. =)

The nakshatras are measured from fixed stars. A.K.A. they ARE indeed sidereal.

The Rashi are NOT measured from fixed stars. AKA they are NOT supposed to be sidereal. They are measured from the four cardinal points created by the solstices and equinoxes. A.K.A. They are tropical.

The problem in most “Vedic” astrologers is that they measure the Rashi using the nakshatra, making the zodiac sidereal. Interestingly, there is a converse problem in Persian / Western astrologers, they decided to measure the lunar mansions (their equivalent of Nakshatra) using the zodiac, making the mansions tropical. Both are mistakes. The nakshatras/mansions are anchored to stars / sidereal. The rashi / zodiac is anchored to the solstices / tropical. And the precession of equinoxes causes a gradual change in the distance between the two anchors.

2 responses to “Is this a “Tropical Projection of the Vedic System””

  1. Anna Banana Avatar
    Anna Banana

    Thank you Happy Mabon Autumn Equinox.


  2. Aquarius Avatar

    I would really love to understand this further. Just finding your blog and page, I am intrigued. I find your work superior in many ways. Thank you so much for sharing your work.

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