How to Use All the Reports Together

Step 1: Get Started with the Complete Overview

This report alone has more than enough information to keep you fascinated and in contemplation for a long time. But over the years since I created the formulae to build this report, I have learned ways to make formulae do calculations and interpretations I didn’t previously know how to make a computer accomplish. So, after you have explored the Complete Chart Overview, you probably would want to look at the supplementary reports I offer.

Step 2: Get the Supplementary Reports

These three reports resulted from my most recent study of Phāladīpikā, which made me realize I could code-ify its techniques for house interpretations and achieve reports that otherwise would have required a live reading. The three reports are similar (because they are all house-based evaluations), so lets take some time to clarify the differences – so you know how to fit them together into a single picture.

Secret Houses of your Birthchart

This report find the most important planet-in-house interpretations in your chart, including the placements in eight classical subdivision charts. The other two supplementary reports do not deal with planet-in-house interpretations at all.

The “Secret Houses” report also includes an evaluation of the relative prominence of each house in your chart. This is the part that may seem to overlap with some of what is in the other two supplementary reports. Here is the difference: this is an evaluation of prominence, not of positivity. In other words, if this report tells you your 8th House is the most prominent house, it does not mean it is (or is not) your most positive house.

[By the way, for the geeks-at-heart, the under-the-hood difference between this report and the other supplementary reports is that utilizes the techniques and interpretations from Phāladīpikā’s Eighth Chapter.]

24 Yogas, 12 Houses

This report figures out where each one of your houses lies, on a spectrum between its most negative and most positive permutation. This seems to overlap somewhat with the Houses of Life report.

One simple difference is that 24 Yogas, 12 Houses directly uses the interpretations from Phāladīpikā. A deeper difference is that the two reports come to their conclusions using different criteria, so you can simply amalgamate the two. In other words if one report says your 8th house is 100% positive and the other says it is 100% negative (an extreeeeemely unlikely example), amalgamate them by taking the average: 50%, aka neutral.

[BTW, this report utilizes the interpretations and techniques from Phāladīpikā’s Sixth Chapter.]

The Houses of Life

This report scores the positivity and negativity of your houses. As mentioned earlier, this overlaps with the “24 Yogas” report, and since they both arrive at their conclusions by considering different factors, you should amalgamate the two.

Houses of Life,” however, is significantly different from “24 Yogas” because it breaks out the key topics of each house, and further analyzes these, separately from their houses. So you won’t just have info about “Your Eighth House”, you will have info about separate Eighth House topics, like Intuition, Arcana, Libido, Longevity, etc. – each one scored separately.

This report is also different from the other two in that the interpretative texts are not directly literal translations from Phāladīpikā’s Sanskrit, they are my own considerations and wordings.

[BTW, it is based on the techniques covered in Phāladīpikā’s 15th Chapter.]

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